12 Min Beginner HIIT Exercise routine without the need of Devices at Residence – Simple Newcomers Exercise routine Schedule Workout routines

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Fell off the chair while doing the arm on the chair while we walk outside on the floor thingy. 😀
Feeling happy xD


thanks hasfit,im trying to lose about 55lbs,im loving your workouts,not too hard,but i like kettlebells,your 30 minute kettlebell workout is a killer,haha.That one isn;t easy


wow my first time doing was no joke. i love the modified version . thank you. keep the videos coming.

Edwin Gonzalez

great video,i am 35 lb over weight, age 54.question haven't done any exercise for the last 4 years.i did for 3 weeks your workout for older person the low impact workout.i enjoy it very much, feel much better. one question is it ok to start with this 3 times a week, thanks for your help.

Keren Duchan

I'm at the end of week 2 of my beginner training – though I used to be fitter in my 20's I've been sedentary for years (I'm 38). I really enjoy the hasfit workouts but this HIIT one was not my favorite. I preferred the weight training exercises more, which are longer and not easy but I get less out of breath. I heard from a friend who started lifting weights that aerobic exercises were less effective than weight training in terms of fitness and weight loss. Is this true? Anyhow, I'm sticking to the 30 day beginner training schedule. I already feel much better. Thanks for your program!


Wow! I'm so glad I found your channel. I used to workout to P90x with my husband every morning before I got cancer 3 years ago. I'm cancer-free and I have tried to get back into working out several times but ended up injuring myself because my body is so beat up from the chemo and surgeries. I don't want to give up in trying to get into shape and these short easy workouts are great for someone like me who can only do short workouts. Thank you so much for creating these! You guys are awesome.


I never really post comments but i have to for this one. I've been following you guys since the beginning and HASfit is prolly one of the channel i always go back to when i feel like crap. When all of your videos mentioned "Beginner" they truly are for beginners. And that's what i like about HASfit, always true to your words. Videos from other channels with "Beginner" mentioned, are actually tough for me to do. So keep it up. Especially those words of encouragement in between sets of exercises. I'M GENUINELY SO PROUD OF WHERE U GUYS ARE AT!!! 🙂

Mostafa Haque

hey guys is the calories burning meter really burn that many calories???

Teresa Benjamin

Perfect workout for me before getting ready for work in the morning! Thank you so much!

Petra de Beer

The best ever… Thank you.
Why, because EXALLENTE unity.


Your comparison of easier-to-more difficult modes is really useful; I can choose the right one for me in each exercise. I'm overweigh and I used to just follow gym routines with assisted equipment so I have a decent strengh while using isolated muscles, but with your workouts I've found out that my equilibrium and motricity was AWFUL, so with these more complete programs I have noticed a massive enhancement in balance and movement control. Now I don't spend money on crowded gyms and I'm happier with results. You guys are pros, I love your enthusiasm. I always recommend your channel to my relatives who seek professional and convenient training. I'm sure some day you will reach tons of people. Keep up the good work, congrats!

Kasey Lovve

Thank you this is way better thank you again. This is way better than the last one ~Fighting


One more day of workout with you guys! Thanks and I have one question: If Im doning the 30 days abs packs, hero 90 days intesity and the warrior 90 workout u think that is so much for my body? I feel really good doing it, but I have no idea if maybe that will be bad for my training.

Alvin James

guys you are the best ever!motivation at its epitome. Thnx for the video


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