18 Min HIIT Cardio Workout No Tools at House – Total System HIIT House Workout with out Tools

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Dayrnice Chavis

Today is my second day. I'm a 50 year old woman, trying to make a permanent change to get and stay fit and healthy. I do not have any health concerns, just a bit overweight and my knees are bothering me. Thank you so much. I have done both workouts in my office with the door closed and it has been amazing. I'm tired but I know that it will get better with time. Thank you, thank you.


I just finished this workout for the first time✔ I loved it!!! Thanks for the variety of leveled moves!

Katy Kelley

I didn't think I'd see results yet, 21 days in (sometimes I missed a workout) and already getting stronger! you guys rock. even with some modifications (usually I can hang) . you make it fun

mille kreator

Great workout, as always. I have been following the coach for some years now and I like the way you guys are still progressing and bringing in new ideas.I am traveling a lot so I watching your videos in hotel rooms mostly. Once again, thanks and keep up the good work.


This one was harder than expected! Great workout.

Tatu Gatere

you almost killed me with the talk on quiting…Im not an animal yet! just starting out!!! Love it but dying.

H Athlete4ever

Today was one of those days I felt really weak and almost didn't workout, until I saw this I changed my mind.  I haven't done an official Hasfit HIIT workout in a while, so I decided to start back up with this one and get to the other ones in due time.  Thanks for the video!  🙂

Randall Greynolds

wow that was a great sweat i tried to do the regular for some and modified for the rest that was intense like the calorie count at top of the screen see you at my next workout

Avia Codner

Loved this one even though it kicked my butt!!!! thanks guys…


Started to get in shape. @ 200 pounds and 5' 5". I'm way overweight for my height. Thanks for the beginning videos. Having two people doing it at different difficulty levels helps. Please do more.

Moe Kh

Hey you really inspired me to start working out and lose weight, great job and thank you 👏

Brenda Manasco

Very challenging! Thank you SO much! This is really one of your best ones yet!

Kerrie Joy

my body hates you guys right now but it'll thank you tomorrow…or maybe next week. 🙂

mohamed bougroura

im about to start this workout.. great coach.. greetings from Algeria

Jeffrey Graham

Wow… longest 18' of my day!! LOVE you guys — together! ☝🏾️👍🏾💪🏾😄 Great workout. Much thanks & appreciation, guys!!


kicking me and Donnies butt THANK you.


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