23 Minute Butt & Thigh Work out for Newbies: NO health club, NO devices

For Additional exercise sessions like this: http://little Get classy exercise routine Gear: http://little Do this butt and thigh exercise routine with me appropriate at dwelling! I produced this …





one "good job" equals one shot of your favourite poison (mine would be finish vodka) … i think i would die before the end of the video. (edit: someone had the idea already 🙂 )

Carla Brandemann

It was great! But I only did 2 rounds 🙁 so hard!! and I sweat a lot! Jaja but… I'll keep on trying!! Thanks Lunden 😀 Kisses from Argentina

Viola Venturelli

I DId it yesterday… today I am full of lactic acid 😪 and have some pain… anyway! could you add next time some exercises for the arms?
PS. do you think that i need one day of rest among the training or it can be done everyday?

يزيد المطيري

التبديل إلى العربية
Thank you for the effort that you can honor us, and I take advantage of many of the workouts I hope continue to download such Halfdyohat to allow good does for all of Mtabek for Saudi Arabia Thank you wish to respond in the event of the message arrives 👍🏽

nikki navarro

im loving it
this is something i can squeeze in before work

Boubou Boudmeg

sweetie Lunden thinks for all what they offer you a wonderful human being 💜💜💜👏👏👑


Antes de comenzar deberias analizar tu situación. pasado (sentimientos, corazón), presente (estado físico, cuerpo), y futuro (miedos) y crear las herramientas adecuadas para superar esos retos cuando lleguen. sino seras uno mas que comienza a entrenar y al mes abandona.
Si no sabes como hacerlo, escríbeme.

Fadi Talel

excellent vidėo are always wonderful as usual i love you miss Lunden so so so end i wish you hapiness end success

Tammy Covell

Doing this tomorrow!! It looks awesome 🙂 Thank you so much!!!

Mei Black

A complete workout for free. Thanks Lunden.
Now my knees hurts because of the hard floor. 😀

DJ Nev

Hey Can you upload some videos about How to Run fast something like that??

Sunethra K

Nice workout. I can't wait to see one for intermediate/advanced. Doing this with ankle weights will make it more challenging though too for sure. 🙂


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