30 Min. No Gear Toughness & Velocity HIIT Cardio Property Exercise session

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This was my first workout with you. BOOM! AWESOME! Thanks for the workout and the nonstop ENCOURAGEMENT. This was my first and definitely not my last. See you tomorrow. God bless and peace from Texas.

Leidy Cortes

Thank you from Colombia,You are an excellent coach


Thank god i came across someone as motivating as you today was my first day doing this and now I'll continue to do it the grind never stops thank you very much and i subbed I absolutely love your positivity

R.D. Dragon

Millionaire! Your workouts have helped me so much this winter! It's hard to go out running when the roads are covered in ice and snow, but instead of sitting on the couch getting soft I've been working out with you. I love that I can do most of your workouts in my apartment without special equipment. It's awesome that you give it your all even when it's a challenging day. I work for that fist bump! Thanks for keeping me motivated!

wong pui san

after follow your 30 min HIIT workout, i’m dead (joking). by the way that’s awesome workout.

Joana Magalhães

Thanks so much millionaire hoy ! you are a great human ! me and my husband send lots of love to you 🙂

Mikki Jaye

He had light purple to dark plum. I had light gray to charcoal! 😮

Suzy Says

Great workout! some of the moves a bit complex to get my head around but I guess that's good for your brain


go my homie! Great workout needs more ab work

Becca Puckett

About to crush this workout on my lunch hour!!!  FIST BUMP!


Yo!(I said that after completing) I did it man, Sunday afternoon. Thanks

Romain Ebanks

Loved this workout. Absolutely pushed me to my limits. My arms were dead.

tool4 rage

Nice workout while being away from home 👍

Nada Elsaedy

Amazing I didn't think I could do it after yesterday 1000 calories workout 🙂 u really pushed me to my max and to improve more 🙂 thank u my friend

Sunil Gulati

can I give you an advice. you can play workout track songs in the background with low volume. that would be fun. but honestly your workout are amazing✌💪👊

Wiktoria Banaszek

Almost all my training consists of your exercise! They are GREAT!!!!!! Thank you very much! Millionaire Hoy !!!! pump

Aquaya Caldwell

I absolutely loved this workout!!!! I have lost 6LBS using your workouts and eating properly!!! Thank you sooo very much!!!

Brenda Hernandez

I just came across your channel and after looking for really good, not complicated, tough workouts yours is the best! New subscriber 🙂

Tippy W

👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 ok I most definitely had to push through this one…. Lol well slide through it… I'm covered in sweat

Jason Rodgers

This is my third attempt and I'm getting better, I was three quarters in today and well, totally done in. I am also doing the 22 push up challenge thing for 22 days and doing sit ups on top of this, first day I did 2 sit ups, second day 10 and today 15. I'm 47, very unfit and nearly 15 stone. I've changed my diet and started drinking water everyday. I'm totally committed and mindset to getting fit and loosing weight now. When is rest day?

Cecile B

I definitely pushed through with workout. wow no gym needed with this one. Thank you Milhoy! 👊 👊

Raja singh

Hey bro i like your all workouts but can i ask you a question my question is that my age is 15 i have fat but i am running 2 times a day and also doing abs exercise is it making abs effect on height bro ??


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