4-Moment NO-Equipment Belly Fat Destroyer Circuit

Want a brief workout which is 7 occasions a lot more effective than long unexciting cardio for unwanted fat decline – and requires ZERO machines? Get it Absolutely free here: …




Sparky Flash

any exercise to shake the tension out of mu legs after doing the xercisews ?

Andy G

lol 4 min ab workout stop you idiot just eat right

Salvatore Rhodes

This specific “fizy unique plan” diet was such an easy method for me to get rid of 12 pounds in the short a couple weeks I`ve been following it. Learn more about the “fizy unique plan” just by searching it on Google.

sagar pali

Here's what I am doing:
1) Sprint for 2 mins.
2) pushups till muscle failure
3)jumping jacks 20 secs max
4)lunges till muscle failure
5)pullups till muscle failure
6)2 min break on treadmill(5-6km/hr)
8)bicycle for abs
9)squats till muscle failure
10)cycling on stationary bike till muscle failure.
I do these on sundays. Repeat from the start if you can do all these easily.


cut out as much sugar and carbs as possible,makes a huge difference.

David Carter

Ty didnt know my legs were that out of shape. Good stuff.

William Rios

I Googled the “fizy unique plan” and it seemed like a smart idea to try it. I started out getting rid of pounds almost immediately. My good friend also used the plan and she dropped 13 pounds.


PUNISHER!!! That's what it's called for


Those squats….he can go lower. But good workout.


WTF!!! I was fucking cursing his ass out throughout the whole work out. I manage to complete but I did sweat about a good cup or two. Thanks!

Donavan Currie

Anyone currently doing this workout that has lost weight ?!

haris javed

my legs gave up halfway through the workout..but it was my first workout after a long time.

Luis G

those squats fired up my quads omfg!!

Mark DeJesus

I use this video along with my other workouts almost every day. Thanks so much!

Peter Gašperan

Hey man, this is just what I was looking for, looks so tasty! Great set!

Peter Gašperan

Looks fantastic! Does anyone know of any timer app that I can set to my own times, like 20s plus 10s, like it is in here?


I just tried this workout and loved it! Challenging and it was over fast AND I felt like I worked hard! I was able to keep up.. Got my heart rate way up. I'm a 53 year female and haven't worked out in a while due to a shoulder injury. This was great. Thanks!


u the first fitness instructor I saw who has a shirt on all the time on youtube. good man


I'm 54 , a little rough for me .

Jenny S

getting Off SUGAR helps too!! ;-}~

ReneA P.

10 minutes ago, I was looking online for a one piece swimsuit for spring break. Then I said "fuck it!" and got on YouTube, and found this video. I'll be doing this everyday (maybe even twice a day) until I feel so comfortable again to be in a bikini ^__^ Thanks!

Lex Slr

there are a lot comments here about the fact that you can't actually target where you loose fat. No you can't, if you loose fat, you loose it proportionally when you push your body and it's left with no choice but to metabolise the fat stores. this is exactly what this kind of workout does. but you guys wanna hear something amazing? you belly is part of your body, so if you do this properly, efficiently and consistently, you'll burn belly fat as well! ^_^

aleksander brka

Hey m8, I tried this exercise and I'm not sure might be doing it wrong, in mostly feel my quads burn after I'm done nothing in my stomach area. Is that normal or am I doing it wrong?

Juanita Wilburn

People sayin you can't lose fat in an area that you choose. Those people must've never lifted weights. Wanna lose fat in a certain area? Workout that area. It takes a couple few months plus but it does work. Recouping muscle burns fat even when you're sleeping or doing nothing. Dieting and eating right does not BURN fat. You're simply not adding fat or more.

Hiram Duran

I feel tired. My heart rate is going up. I feel warm. Is that normal?

old timer

before doing this, make sure you start walking consistently for at least 15 minutes maybe even just walk for the first week then incorporate this relieving some stress on the heart

Adnan Mammadzada

Guys ! I dropped from 69 kg to 55 . how ? simple . have a healthy low calorie breakfast, when eating chew slowly and chew alot so the metabolism will increase, and it is advised to drink a lot of water in your meal for it will trick your stomach to be full, eat nothing other than vegetables and fruits after 6 . try this program for 4 weeks and see the results for yourself


Only true belly fat remover is proper diet.


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