Alpha Isolate Whey Protein Isolate – Pure Protein Powder, Proven Lean Muscle Builder & Ideal Post Workout Supplement for Men, Ultra Filtered to Remove Fats & Lactose, Chocolate Fudge Ripple, 2 Pound

Price: $34.99

Spiking, failure to meet label claim and countless other frauds have shamed the protein market.

What happened to just getting pure quality whey protein?

It is, after all, the center of your diet, training and body composition. Quality lean protein can help change your physique. It can aid in weight loss/fat burning, increase muscle mass and of course enhance strength.

All of those are traits of what quality isolate can do for you. Now ask yourself…. What kind of protein have you been drinking?

The reason for all of the previously mentioned fraud?

Protein is very expensive to manufacturer & wherever a company can cut corners to make an extra dollar, they seem to do it. For those that know the Modern Man brand, quality (leading to results) will always reign supreme.

GREAT protein is at the heart of what fuels the Modern Man. Alpha Isolate was formulated to go above and beyond with 27 grams of Pure Whey Protein Isolate per scoop. With delicious flavor, it’s a suitable “anytime snack” and can effective serve as a meal replacement shake when dieting. Let’s just recap what great protein can do for you…

– Aid in Weight Loss/Fat Burning
– Increase Lean Muscle Mass
– Enhance Strength
– Reduce Soreness & Boost Recovery
– Replace Meals When Dieting

Now ask yourself… Why would you cut corners when trying to achieve any of these results.

Stack with our other great products and BE MODERN MAN

PROTEIN PROVEN FOR MUSCLE GROWTH – Above everything else, the Modern Man NEEDS protein. With 27 grams of pure isolate per scoop, your muscles will feel the difference and your performance will respond
ELITE QUALITY MEETS ELITE TASTE – The Modern Man team worked closely with some of the top flavor experts in the industry to ensure that Alpha Isolate sets a new standard for protein taste. No longer must taste sacrifice for quality and vice versa
LEAN (QUALITY) MUSCLE ONLY – For minimal lactose & fat (converted to fluff), Alpha Isolate is quadruple-processed using ultra & micro filtration, ion exchange and hydrolysis. Guaranteeing quality in every single scoop
BEST PROTEIN FOR WEIGHT LOSS – It’s no secret, high protein diets are ideal for weight loss. Protein shakes make for great meal replacements, unless… They are high in lactose & cheap fats. Referencing the quality points above, Alpha Isolate is ideal for weight loss
DON’T SETTLE FOR INFERIOR (CHEAP) PROTEIN BLENDS – You tear your muscles down with a purpose, you should rebuild them the same way. Alpha Isolate is the best muscle recovery supplement