At Dwelling Core Training | Clutch Lifetime: Ashley Conrad’s 24/seven Exercise Trainer

Establish your six-pack with this core exercise routine from Ashley Conrad’s Clutch Lifetime Trainer. Revenue & Specials β–» …




Society's Rejects

this workout is Amazing!! I'm at day 21 and now I can see little shy abs… thx Ashley

Sunset City

really good info thanks for posting πŸ˜€

Core Gamer

Does this realy help lose fat quickly aamd is it appropriate for teens

rev lp

for you girls out there ,this is the cure to your period pain .word.

Mak Moncman

First time, I stopped at 4:23. How many times a day should I be doing this to burn stomach fat? I'm looking to lose about 15 lbs.

Brice Blanton

Incredible workouts guide β€œsuza great plan” (Google it) that can certainly help you burn those disgusting belly fats and build Six pack abs. The instructions as well as guidelines are very easy to follow and understand, I acquired 6 pack abs in short period of time. This guidebook is really informative and I recommend everyone to use it also.

Ahmed Cumar

i was working out with this vidoe about 8 weeks and i have real 6pac now. believe me just do two times aday i mean 20min

Lawrence Science

Seated twists? External obliques responsible for torso twist, ok so where was the rotatation? As a personal trainer myself i see this poorly executed exercise over and over even with people using kettlebells or dumbells, knocking out 40 50 reps! Once shown correctly, loose the weight and incorporate a proper torso rotation all of a sudden the reps drop from 40 50 reps to between 10 20! Bicycle crunches, pulling on the head??Personally i have my clients execute proper form and a slow steady quality movement over endless reps. Its all about the quality not quantity. My opinion. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘

Ndukwe Tessie

This exercises are great just what I've been looking for..looking forward to do this every freaking day. HELL YEAHHHH!!!!!😑

Halim Karatas

Any of these exercises helping the glutes, and are they enough for the glutes? And should i do this everyday or by resting 1 day after exercises? Thanks for the efforts πŸ™‚

Alessia Mcdonald

Chi Γ¨ qui grazie a madcarolina?? πŸ™‚ LET'S DO IT πŸ˜‰

Dwain Thomas

well damn…. someone call 911. I'm sorry already πŸ˜‚

kiory job

How many times in a Day i should do it ?


Made it through the whole thing


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