CrossFit No Devices Exercise routine: Substantial Depth Interval Teaching

Combining higher depth exercise sessions with a ‘zen’ solution to fitness and wellbeing, CrossFit Zenergy is far more than just a guide to personalized training – it really is a way of …




Jack Jameson

every time I do this video I tear the towel within 8 seconds. Im out of towels

Craig Tweddell

This is the best beginner Crossfit workout video I've found online, thank you for doing this! I'd love to see more full length videos like this where I can do the entire workout right alongside you guys. I do hope you'll post more!


this workout is one bag of shit

joshua seng

will this give you a really ripped body if u do this everyday for 6 days a week?


Why is she working out in full makeup…..
And she stares at the camera really creepily

Frode Hylland

This is a great video. thank you so much.
Since i've ended my membership at the gym i thought to give this a try. I don't regret. I just added an extra set and some plank.

Because there is no room for breaks you gotta be more focused in each exersice, and i feel the burn in each muscle more then i ever did in the gym.
It will be interesting to see where iam after a couple of months.

Christophe De Wael

Thanks for the vid, I have been doing Crossfit 4 times a week during 1 year but 2 months ago I had a back injury that set me back doing nothing since 2 months. After I got clearance from doctor 2 weeks ago I broke my point finger lol
Today i did this vid as prep for getting back to the box in January 🙂

Renzo Aleman

which it is the recovery time between each round
excellent video
gretings from venezuela..


Thank you so much! I almost died, but that just means I'm gonna get results! So happy with myself for actually going all of the way through a Crossfit video! Thanks again to all of you lovely people helping us make better choices for our bodies and wellbeing!!! <3


I feel my breath burning my longs, you guys are so good.


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