Dwelling Chest Work out – No Gear Wanted

The Routine: I would suggest performing 3-5 sets every, depending on your potential and the time you have readily available. Shorter rest durations will make the regime …




Stuart Pickering

Nice routine. All the best press-up variations (Flat, feet elevated, upper body elevated, middle grip, wide grip, close grip)
The exercise with the plate is call Sven/Svend press.
I would add some abduction moves using tension bands for flys: upwards direction for upper chest, shoulder level for mid position and across below waist level for lower chest. You can also do press-ups with a tension band cross-over. Attach band to bench leg or anything similar but fixed.

S 2 da 685 11.12.11

Shot bro finally an actual person who breaks everything down whilst performing the different exercises. I've just subbed keep it up shot bro

swiminthepussy juice

God damn i couldn't find a trainer on youtube that wasn't yelling all the time or had a really squeeky voice making him unlistenable( word created by me)

Kimo Kimo

I like you brother, that quite looks like my Fridays home training. The difference is that I'm not performing your last exercise and I used to add extra exercise using my sofa which makes me feel like doing chest flyes. Well, I'm going to add now your last exercise I have a plate like yours too hhhhhhhh but I'm fighting for a chest like yours..hhhhh see you in more videos THA……NKS. 😉 😉

adam crawford

Fantastic.. Great instruction.. extremely handy and effective when travelling or time poor to hit the gym. Really appreciated. Thx Mike.


Mike I'm twice your age but your wisdom begets your own. You are an inspiration dude and maybe by the time I'm 60 I'll have your physique. I enjoy boxing but also do a primarily body weight excercises and Dumbbells. Now to just conquer those two four letter words… Beer and food lol thank you!

Julien Paris

I really hope your channel gets the success it deserves. Your content is great, you get your point across quickly and it's great advice. Everything you need from a fitness channel.
Keep it up man


i want to know the list of your program,… for all parts of the body! please


Just wanted to let you know Mike that you're doing a great job with these nutrition and workout videos! It seems you know exactly what you are doing, and I like the fact that you are always stressing how important form is over weight/speed etc. Good work, please post more often is all I can say! 👍😄


Really informative and amazing video as always. Thanks for the pecs bouncing ;)) Should do it more often Mike!

matt pooper

you are awesome bro, your channel will blow up. best information

Steven Kodak

Hey Mike, just want to say thanks for the videos. I watched your videos on the mistakes made while doing arms, chest and legs.
I used the tips you gave from all videos and let me say it made such a difference in my workouts and how I felt after. Thanks again for the great informative videos. 👍

Ethan Winchester

Absolutely love your channel!Thank you Mike for all the awesome videos.

Gareth Walker

Hi Mike this is Gareth from North Wales. Ive just stumbled across your channel and already I can tell your the guy out there chatting the least amount of shit and I don't get the impression that your on a massive ego trip. In fact, your content is really great, so thank you I appreciate it.

Mohammad Al Shaer

Hey Mike, loved your videos a lot, specially the mistakes people do while working out. I learned a lot from them. I have a question: I train my chest twice per 8 days, how can I benefit from these exercise you showed in the video? Shall I perform these everyday while my chest is recovering or only in chest day?
Thanks man. Looking for more great videos from you. Wish you all the best man.

C Lo

Awesome, push-up variation workout routine 👍🏻


I never get tired seeing a hunk bounce his pecs… O_O

INTEGRE8T Wellness

Mike – when you say do 3-5 sets of each, do you mean do one exercise for 3-5 sets before moving to the next, or do you mean do one set of each exercise, then repeat the circuit until all sets are completed? Are you focusing here on burning hard at each angle, or moving through all the positions without resting before running through them again?

Sachi Hata

These vids are REALLY helpful!! Could also do for shoulders? I think ur shoulders look amazing and i have really narrow shoulders


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