forty Minute Tabata Cardio HIIT Exercise routine No Devices Total Body at Home Interval Instruction for Fat Loss

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K Coley

I tried this workout for the first time today. My upper body strength is far from being good, so I really struggled with the L-sit and returning to an upright position after doing a walkout. It was rather discouraging, but I wanted to commit to making it to the end of the workout despite struggling with some of the moves and taking breaks.

However, I am proud that I didn't stop. I would've never been able to do more than ten minutes of this workout a month ago. I'll definitely keep coming back to this workout because I want to get stronger.

technical Jay

sir/ mam, plz increase the volume of background music littly…

Rose Bisnar

Been working out with you guys for almost 2 months…At first, every part of my body was hurting😭 especially my legs but you guys are great! 😃I believed you… Hurting is so good 😉now that Im working out, the pain I felt on my waist before everytime I bend was gone (the main, reason why i tried working out for the first time) the heaviness on my body was gone too… I feel so light… So no🙅🏻giving up!!! Feel so good that Ive found you here… Thank you! I enjoy every moment with you..


Hello my heros😍 actually I have been pushing just thumbs up button and have not tried your video!(because of fear😂) but today I tried it and I feel like I was totally an idiot!!!why I didn't try?!?! it was AWESOME💓🔥💓🔥 your workout is never boring, but exciting!! so happy to know you guys Thank you🙌🌞🙌🌞-Kristine-

Lori Wear

Did this one outside for extra strain. Very frustrating being in between multiple levels of modification. Could you please send link for lengthy periods cardio endurance? I have got to conquer the extra challenge of medications slowing down weight loss. Also just joined Patron! Thanks for all you guys do!

Bryan Hanna

Great workouts. I love the variety of movements. I've been doing power lifting for awhile but wanted to get my cardio and athletic side back. This really helps. You have my support.

Eric Hon

Love these Tabata workouts. Really look forward to these on Hasfit. Thanks Coach Kozak and Claudia !!

Anastasia Yanborisova

thank you so much! I don't notice how the time passes by with your workouts! hello from Russia!)


Great workout! Thank you so much coach..

Xiaofei Huang

Shared on Facebook. You guys are truly fabulous. Very motivational


This was just what I needed today. The encouragement and motivation you two give is such a help. Another great video. Many thanks!!!

Marc-Antoine JANNET

Super great workout!!! Hard but very good combined so I made it all, need to say I'm a brestfeeding mama who don't sleep a lot and very tired, so this workout makes me powerful and motivated ! Happy to discover you guys:)

Mebo Magret

this is the best dough I didn't do the last one

Marlena Wellington Wright

week 2 of the calendar! I have made it through the workout and i am proud! I never knew my legs would be able to keep up and do as many things as they did but I pushed through. Only regret I have is not joining the HASFitTribe soon enough!


WOOT! Instead of showing intensity by number of "flames," it should show Coach Kozak with perfect hair (easiest) to completely mussed up hair (hardest). This is the first workout i've seen where Coach K not only defeats pain, but also defeats his hair gel!

Pragathi Arulavy

I would like to tell you guys that I am eternally grateful for your videos. I had to move temporarily to a place with no gyms and working out is my addiction. Your training videos get me through the tough times. Thank you so much.

jagadeswar reddy

Thank you so much coach..
How much protein needed per day to maintain constant weight??

Maria Mesas

Thanks so much! feel really good, I would get some dumbels so I can work out more with you!


Just found you guys and I love you, can't get to s gym have a new baby do doing your workouts daily. Thank you HASfit.x


Thanks for your work! This was a good workout! Im finish😄😅 Love from Germany


I love both of you! This is no easy workout but I kept pushing through. Thank you for posting these amazing videos! 🙂

Kristin Banas

Thank you for all you do! You got me past my plateau and two pounds were lost last week! 35 down and 20 more to go! I owe it to you both with your support and amazing workouts. I make sure to go and support you guys back so you can keep on! Such a great workout!!


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