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pankaj singh

This one is some serious butt kicking.
Fully drenched in sweat.
Really loved it.
Looking forward to come back tomorrow.


Doing this and afterwards 5min planks, its a killer.

Morgan To

are your elbows supposed to hurt? because my elbows are hurting everytime i do a push up


Whew!!! That was difficult but I made it through all the rounds. Sweating like crazy.

Rayquon Elliott

was only able to do 2 rounds, couldnt complete :(, by far the biggest challenge for me but should improve in time

Jane Kugelman

This is an excellent all-round workout that can be adapted to be easier, for those just beginning, and yet is definitely hard enough for fit people to feel they've had a workout. Thank you.

Elizabeth Delgado

I just moved to Thailand, have no access to a gym or weights, and I need to do more than running. Found this and love it!! I was definitely challenged!

Robert Gibb

I just ate a lemon bar and two chocolate-covered Oreos, then did this workout. Talk about hard.


+Gahila Yeah.. I agree with you, Totally!
it provides me complete education
about what I needed for my nutritional
needs and also a detailed but succinct..
It really did a great job on gaining my
muscles.. 🙂


This is pretty good. I am on vacation, so I don't have my fee weights with me and the room is too small for my cardio, but these body weight exercises are a great substitute. In fact, I should add this to my normal workout routine.

steven fernandes

Thanks coach.Ur one of the best guided workout trainers on you tube. Always pushing the viewer

Lavanya N

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Danji Barrett

That was great. Lot's of sweat. Lot's of soreness. Lot's of results in no time. Thanks!


Woah, I could really feel my whole body getting crushed on this one, Thanks for the video Coach!


WOW. I know this was 30-minute workout, but it didn't feel like it. It felt like it was 15 minutes! This is another great workout. Every time I do a HASfit workout, I feel instantly stronger. I can't wait to see where I'll be at when I finally reach the end of the Warrior workout series. Thanks, coach! 


Did this whole workout (minus a few diamond press ups! lol)

Thanks coach/HASFit as im getting fitter!
I have the HASFit app and doing the 90 day warrior routine and enjoying it so far…even if im sweating non stop!  😀


2 weeks completed in the 90 day warrior routine 🙂 lost 10 pounds so far


Weeks ago I wasn't able to do even one of these diamond pushps..
Nowadays I can do 8 of them without any break, and repeat this for 3 rounds !
Thanks coach for making me stronger ! Mentally and physicaly  🙂 

Liam Russell

Hey I need help. I understand when doing push ups it should be the chest that's supposed to be working however my shoulders and arms hurt more.. Help? Bad form.. But I keep changing position but my shoulders hurt the most

Peter Carey

I used this for the first time in 2013 and I only made it half way through round 2… but keep doing it and after a while you will get it done. I still use this now and I love the workout!

Carmen Speed

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Irwan Juanda

Hello, coach,,, i've followed this video completely. And I have several questions to ask. If you don't mind please answer them.
1. I am sweating very much doing these exercises, is that normal? Or that means I am doing it wrong?
2. does air conditioner affect the exercise? If i am working out in a room with air conditioner, is it different than being in one without one?
3. Do you have any bodyweight at home w/o equipments that's specifically for those who want to gain weight? Because I am looking fot such exercises.

Thanks a lot. 😀


i like your trainers, what are they called?

Joe Schofield

Just decided to start working out – this is the second one I've done. This guy is really encouraging and really pushes you to do everything. Managed to do all 3 rounds! Cheers!

Syarif Haryanto

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Roaring Twenties

I got a little cocky and thought I could go straight to this.Lets just say I need to start from the beginning definitely.I couldnt really do any of these exercises.But I also weigh 260 so that could be why…


hey coach, im really wanting to build strength but be super lean. i use weights but in all honesty i feel they are false and do not like using them. Yes ive noticed gains in muscle mass etc but i can barley do 10 pushups without struggle. Can i do home workouts for strength training without equipment and also will i look lean? thank you 

Shenal Kumara

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intermediate to advanced…. is it possible to get a beginner to intermediate… ?


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