Household Chest Work out (NO WEIGHTS Authorized!!)

Create much more than just a massive upper body devoid of equipment… A true house upper body exercise session is 1 that will allow you to build …




Andreas D. Lang

One of my main problem is im getting bored.. and if that happens reps go downhill… Everything over 30-40 start to get boring.. any advice? =)

Show off33

when I started doing this my max was 17. Now I can barely hit 10. Can someone tell me why??

Mega Xz

When I heard 70 I was da fak I mean is 7 OK?!

Joey Kyini

hey help me out here
I've got a ganglion cyst in my wrist
it's making push-ups difficult for me

Baby Skips

my PE teacher took my phone away and he said I have to do 65 pushups if I want my phone back. And i was getting really tired and I use this techniques and I made through

Direwolf Artist

"Let's just say 70 in this case"
spits drink
Hold the hell up, I gotta rewind this
70 in this case

Boi I can't do more than 15 ;-;

Carman Singh

Learned a lot, thanks man. I prefer bodyweight exercises because i don't have equipment and the advice you gave about it was helpful

TomOs Boatman

Hi Jeff, thanks for this tip. I tried this today with slight incline bars (don't know if this makes it easier or harder). I managed 40 in my first set (which I regretted when I had to try the 1.5 x after!). Also, using the bars I found it really hard to hold in the "rest". After 30 of the 1.5 x set my arms literally just gave out and I fell. I dragged my way through the 60. I did this as my starter exercise of my workout (don't know if that was the best idea?). This was the rest of my workout:
– straight bar dips: 10 x 3
– decline pushups: 12 x 3 + 14
(then on to triceps)
– bar dips: 8 x 2 + 7 + 2
– ground triceps extension (these are brutal): 8 x 3
– pike pushups: 8 x 3

I've been doing weight training just since January. Three months intensively in the gym and the last couple of weeks some running and calisthenics as well as I started to feel a little burnt out after 3 months of 3 days on/ 1 off. I've always found the chest the hardest to work. I would say this is the best workout I've had for chest so far and I've tried a lot of different exercises.

Used the bars in my local park, so started and finished with a run (uphill on the way back, just to add that final joy).

Loving the videos. Keep 'em coming!


50 followed by 75. That was a trip! I've never tried that. Damn

Artsengan Drawings

wtf 70 I barely can do 35 haha I wish I can do that many.Good job I love your vids!!! I hope this exercise/challenge help me


I have 13 years old and I can do only 30, omg and if I do pushups again after 2 minutes of rest I can do only 22 with your semi-breaks…

Aamir Raj LC

My triceps burn more than my chest when I do pushups. What am I doing wrong?

Dario Kirola

Pro tip: if you turn around and sit down to rest – your knees won't be touching the ground – so it doesn't count as cheating 😀

K.S. Drew

Push-ups Injury! I pushed myself to failure, not beyond, by doing push-ups. That lead to a dull pain between by pecs over my sternum. X-rays showed no damage and the doctor said that it's just inflammation. That was back in October and I still have the pain despite resting my chest the entire time. Will I never be able to work out my chest?

Erik Muniz

omg jeff what the hell you did to that skeleton? did you had doing too much push ups? lol.

Red Hat

This guy is definitely 2 steps above all the other youtubers regarding fitness. I've seen some really neat bodyweight exercises on his channel that channels dedicated to bodyweight workouts don't have.

Coty Montgomery

This kicked my ass. I got 50 complete pushups. I collapsed at 40 on my second set but continued it out. My fingers are numb and my chest feels jacked.

Tomer R

I don't get it… you already did your max (70), and after 2 min you need to go beyond that(105)??
it sounds pretty crazy, In addition does it really works your chest good? cuz i'm not sure if it works all of the important chest muscles.

Mohammad Rizwan

No matter.
How many u could do.
Just do it regularly.
40, 60. 80.
U ll get there slowly/ gradually.
Wonderful stuff. anyway.

gd gd

as long as your knees dont touch the floor- Your still ALIVE.. 🙂
if they touch the floor. thats it !! YOUR DEAD !!!! :-))

Manvithℋ Bathini

I follow this guy a lot why because all other trainers just tell how to do workout but this guy tells u the quality way of workout

Just 4 FuNN

So im 16y.o i can do alot of pushups but i still can't see difference in my chest i've been workingout about 2 years i can do up to 100 pushups but im only 60kg can u help me i want to have better chests.


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