Morningstar Minerals Electricity Enhance 70 Mineral Supplement , 32 oz (946 ml)

Price: $14.20

Electricity Enhance 70 liquid incorporates the most easily digestible and bio-obtainable organic and natural mineral complexes and amino acids obtainable. Electricity Enhance 70 is pure Fulvic Acid extracted from humate. Fulvic acid is imagined by leading well being specialists to be a person of the most crucial “missing inbound links” in the modern-day foods. Electricity Enhance 70’s fulvic acid mineral complexes are the worlds greatest electrolyte, that improves energy function, boosts assimilation, stimulates rate of metabolism, restores electrochemical stability, decreases higher blood strain, improves nutrition, and assists rebuild the immune technique.A total organic and natural supply of essential minerals trace things and amino acids
Tastes like water
a hundred% bioavailable and pH balanced