No Gear Upper Physique and Cardio Work out with Warm Up and Amazing Down

At residence higher physique workout with cardio intervals – a lot more @ 4 Week Upper Physique Software @ 4 Week FBSWEAT …




Ardnas Churchner

I did a hiit focusing on the lower body yesterday…
I was looking for a combination of arms and cardio. I guess I found the right workout for today.
Perfect. Thanks.

Meghan Petenbrink

I know there are certain workouts that require shoes, but is it bad to not wear shoes during a workout?
Also during the cool down when you use a wall and twist your body away from your arm is it bad that my hand goes numb? Am I doing something wrong?
P.S. love you guys! Thanks for all the great content!

Jessica Simonson

This was awesome!! I don't have weights but have done weight training before but it's been a while. I loved working against my own resistance! Thank You!


A great workout after a long day at work. This will be my upper body routine for the week!


I actually made it trough it!!! yesterday i only managed 15minutes in the "Fat Burning Cardio Workout – 37 Minute Fitness Blender Cardio Workout at Home
" video, im proud of myself. Tomorro i try again another video!!

Patrycja Grześkowiak

Love this workout! 🙂 and love this shoes 😃 anyone can tell me what model it is? 😃

Renee Bowler-Avdoulos

Great workout! Travelling for work and was able to do this in my tiny hotel room. Great start to a day where I know I will be sitting in a boardroom. All day. Thanks for keeping my attention and keeping it real. I overdid a spin class on the weekend and so this was a great way to still work out but ease off on the legs. Thanks 🙂

Līva Sļotova

This didn't give me much sweat but I am amazed about how tired my arms are. haha
I used 1.5 kg light weights to make it harder and now my arms are shaking
Thank you Kelli 🙂 x

Katie Kat

I'm not necessarily sore, but I was surprised that I did sweat (which is always a good thing). I think I'm going to do this on my rest days so I give my muscles a break from cardio but I'm still moving. I get way more sore if I skip a day. This is a good one Kelli! Thank you 🙂

Mari Maru

hi guys i love your videos. I know you are not doctors but maybe you can help me with this one if its related to bad technique. i have a lot of discomfort in my right wrist when i am either doing planks, push-ups or any position where my weight is resting on my hands. any suggestions?


I loved this workout so much!! A very good workout to do when you want to take a break from weights but dang I didn't know I could go against myself that hard, my arms were literally shaking so easily!! Also I got through this whole workout without pausing once even during the water break so that made me feel so excited!! Thank you so much Kelly!!! <3 <3 I love all of your workouts!!! <3 <3

Summer Stuart

fitness blender I love u guys!! thanks for making me sore!!😉

Terri Simms

I didn't think I would, but I sure did sweat. 😊 I do appreciate the variety of workouts. Thank you, for keeping me motivated to workout every day.

Dana Atiyat

I love fitness blender but this is not one of my favorites. I found myself grabbing weights to increase the challenge and I found it a bit slow paced.

Racky Kay

Im on vacation and have no access to weights or a gym so this was the perfect workout for me! I LOVE hpw u add in cardio! By the end of the workout i am COVERED in sweat!!! Thanks so much!

Debra Wilson

So great to use your workouts while on vacation! Thanks much!


Just completed day 2 of the 4 week #FBbodyweight, feeling sore and amazing at the same time! Love the extra credit part! Thank you so much, hope I can keep it up! Cheers from Romania!

Tereza Studená

I love Your videos, especially when You and Daniel work out together. 🙂 I´m on internship in Moscow, so I don´t have any equipment at all and Your videos are really helpful, because even without equipment I´m sore like hell! 😀

Diana Tinelli

I can't believe how shaky this made me!!!! I'm so surprised! Lol

Fio Sonnenschein

I really love your workouts. It motivates me that you're talking to us so I don't even need any music. 🙂 I'm doing the no equipment workouts cause I had a 4 week pause from sport and would like to start easy again. Sorry for my bad English. I'm from Germany 😁


I have a question! I don't workout at all, I don't watch what I eat either but I don't think I consume a lot of calories per day. Yet I'm still overweight and always have.


Workout complete 16.04.2017 – 4.56am.


150417 (for me) either do this with weights or on rest days 🙂

Sabrina Schulze

yes – before you said it I thought that this could become my travelling workout – with smaller adjustments not to annoy other hotel guests 🙂


This workout was awesome…because of you guys I am a big fan of strength training now but it was nice to take a break from the weights. It made me concentrate on form and I got a really good burn going. Thinking I might do the Bodyweight program you recently released, my right lower back/hip has been a little sore and now that the weather is nice in MA I am outside alot more, so body weight only might be a nice way to change things up and give my muscles a little break from the heavy weights while still getting a good workout in (and not over taxing my legs if I decide to go for a run during the kiddos soccer practice!)


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