Post-Workout Supplementation: An Evidence-Based Guide To Optimize Performance and Enhance Recovery


This guide is an easy-to-use resource for functional fitness athletes who want to learn research-backed post-workout supplementation and nutrition protocols. This practical and actionable guide gives you the ‘what, when and how’ of fueling your body for optimal performance and long-term health, no matter what your athletic goals are. Written by one of the senior coaches at world-class strength and conditioning facility Invictus Fitness, this guide is full of advice based on real world testing on elite athletes and hundreds of pages of peer-reviewed research.

*Athlete-tested, Research-backed Supplementation Guidelines
Inside, you’ll find a plethora of practical, actionable advice on post-workout supplementation. You’ll learn about which carbohydrate and protein sources are best, how much to take based on your goals, and more!

*Reference Charts and Goal-Based Post-Workout Recipes
For the sake of convenience, you’ll find useful reference charts and done for you recipes that tell you exactly what to take for any given goal. Want to optimize for fat loss? Muscle gain? CrossFit competition? It’s all inside the book.

*Nutrient Timing Guidelines Based On When You Train
Not sure how to optimally structure your meal timing for two-a-day training? Should you eat something if you’re training first thing in the morning? We went above and beyond and included these as well. Inside, you’ll find sample meal timing guidelines used by Invictus athletes for training at any time of the day.

*Recommended Supplements And Bonus Chapters
Don’t waste your time with poor quality supplements. You’ll find a list of recommended supplements that are used by Invictus athletes and coaches. Also, included in the book are two bonus chapters that cover supplement protocols for optimizing your sleep and suggestions for optimal pre-workout supplements.