Rookie At Residence No Equipment Training

Now you can burn off unwanted fat at any time, wherever with your Absolutely free no-equipment twelve-moment Residence Training Revolution exercise: …




Caizhao Li

Thanks I subscribe but can you do one for kids so my kids can get muscles please


I'm old and fat, and this workout nearly killed me, so I guess I'm in the right place. Please give us a few more at this level, cause I need the help 🙂
And to all the young kids giving this a go, you are AWESOME!


ha geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy

Live, Ride, Die

I'm 11 and I feel great I will do this 4 times a week great video 5 star

grace cooney

A really useful and well made video. I will use it for my personal experience.

Danielle Hoffman

thanks for suggesting Stick Ups- I definitely need to improve my posture. I did regular burpees and 5 real pushups along with your circuit, and I feel very well worked out 🙂

Bishop Smith

I'm a 13 year old mma fighter my dad has been making me workout sense I was ten ( I trained mma sense I was 8) now I workout everyday, to the people that ain't motivated force you're self to workout then you will be motivated

Zaeysha Bidois

I'm 24 years old, and have struggled to find the motivation to work out. I still do. I don't like going to the gym because I'm scared people are going to judge me. I want to get fit and healthy, but I'm in my head too much. I could only get through one set of this, but I'm determined to make it through! Hopefully this will give me my start, and help change my frame of mind. Thank you.

orange power

I could only get halfway through.  Did all circuits in the beginning but only one in the on the last three exercises.  First time so hopefully it gets better and easier

Cracked Coffee

hay i have a questions 
1. is this workout for all ages because i'm 13

Mandy Jones

This is a great workout for beginners. Can you please include more

Debbie Dailey

Hi, I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Mr wrists are weak, can you do butler's and push ups modified?

Charlene Luedtke

Thank You! I think I can actually do this – thanks for your help! 🙂

Suzanne Jones

What is a suitable warm up to do before commencement of this workout?


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