twenty Min Body fat Burning Exercise routines to do at House without having Gear for Men & Women to Lose Body weight Rapidly

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Eric Hon

Every hasfit workout IS a bonus round! Hehehehe Thanks guys!

altaf godal

had me in sweating like a tap. you guys are great. thanks

daniel jung

How did I just find these guys! This is amazing!

King Snipy

Coach is the man bro. He helped me through a lot and have me learn more things about fat loss and etc. Thanks you. Stay fresh.


body: drenched. mood: revitalized. ambition for the day: fired up. see you at the next workout, HASfit!!!

Bibash Adhikari

I had seen your other workout video to loss weights and now this video for the same reason . which one of your video is effective to loss weight ??

Nivane H

One thing I did was watch your videos, shut the hell and just listen to the Coach. The results were amazing…Then I stopped doing workouts and started shoving junk into my mouth again, I've returned and these exercises aren't as easy as they use to be.

Briana Buschle

You two ROCK!! just getting back into shape after the Holiday season and are wicked motivational!!


You both are AWESOME !!!!!! MORE MAGIC YOUR WAY))))

Jen Mckee

TEAM GRIND BOOTCAMP LOVES LOVES LOVES this workout! Keep up the GREAT work guys!!

Jenny's Meraki Nails

My weight is 180 ? How many times a week do I need to do this in order for me to see results?


Well, I have to say this workout is a beast. Since 27th Jan I've been doing everyday 1Tabata workout + 2×20 pushups, 2×30 sit ups.
The 14th of Feb I found this workout, tried it – loved it.
The first and second time I did this workout I was sore as f*ck.
Now I'm gettn' into it and we'll see how it is going to look 20th July.
Already around 3,5kg less without keeping some sort of diet, just around 1500kcal-2000kcal + at least 2litres of water daily. Since I'm still growing and was pretty muscular in the past
it does look so much more than when you hear the amount of kgs I lost.
Hope this is going to motivate some1. Thanks HasFIT!

vijay rangan

How do SUPER LIKE a video. Great stuff hasfit tribe! Thank you once again coach Claudia and coach K! 👏🏻


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