twenty Minute House Workout with out Products – HIIT Cardio Significant Intensity Interval Instruction for Unwanted fat Loss

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stephanie siska

Did this today ….good quick workout …thanks like the fast 20 minute hiit 's

Asma westy

am seriously in love with your workouts you guys are awesome Thank you so much Love from Algeria πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ


Loving the workouts guys. Seeing a difference, although I find your upper body stuff really difficult. Can usually follow along with coach for intermediate moves for legs and standing abs, but your upper body is really difficult for me!

Java Macska

The title says it's HIIT Interval training, but where are the intervals there? I can't see any difference. It's kinda cool video, but I expected high intensity and low intensity intervals to be there.


i watched this video till the video without pausing or skipping. did i burn any calories ?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰


No time for gym today, so up early to fit this workout in! Thanks guys!


Week 4 just completed. Week 5 starts on Sunday, and then comes the Feb plan a couple of days later.

Calvin 11

Doesn't HIIT mean you get rests inbetween, it seems you are just going the whole time, no breaks?!

Saim Ali

Did this workout today. It really pushed me to my limits. Your workouts are the best coach.


i have been following your website and videos for some time now. i was an avid runner but shifted to crosstraining workouts due to runners knee. i see that you have a very good vastus medialis muscle without having equally large lateral thigh muscles. can you please suggest how you build such shape on thighs ? i need to have a strong vastus medialis to recover from my runners knee problem.

Shooter Shooter

You guys are totally awesome. Your workouts, your concept, your everything, just amazing.
Thank you guys for everything. Love you !

Romelyn Diaz

Thank you so much loved this! Couldn't workout for 2 weeks due to an injury slowly getting back into it started today with this just took it easy. Can you do a series/workouts for those recovering from an injury

Dani L

I just moved from AZ to the Midwest and I've been searching for and trying out workouts I can do indoors during my first real winter. Gave this one a try today and all i can say is WOW! The search is over! Thanks for the awesome workout!

Jen Su

Love this workout! I do it every other day since 2 weeks ago. I could see my body is toned and importantly I don't get bored with this workoutπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ’ͺ🏻


did my best after a hard days work and glad I didn't give in to the sofa and biscuits! Cheers you guys πŸ™‚ THANK YOU

Tashi Bhutia

can i do this workout to lose belly fat? does this work for belly fat? btw.. very informative video. Thanks

Mack the Knife it's back there

Do you hv exercise routines for people who are wheel-chair bound? I hv a friend who has 2ndary progressive MS and could benefit from wheelchair-tailored weight training routines. Thanks.

Ahmed loran

this workout is hard but i did it , thank you all for for great work

myeshia jenkins

ahh this is a great workout! i didn't do as good as I think i could have done, but my goal is to finish the entire thing full force one day. Thanks again Coach

Cindy Harriman

LOVE the workouts!! Especially love the fact you offer high impact and low impact variations. ☺

Avia Codner

thanks guys!!! had a long day today but had to grab this 20 mins, short workout is better than no workout…


fantastic for pairing with the 20 min. body weight workout in the HERO 90-day program. Coach, love the website and gonna get the app but want to know whether you plan to include a feature to search or browse workouts by level (I need advanced) so we can quickly ascertain 1-5 rating! would be awesome for the app

Honey Her

This workout really got me sweating. You have the same standing stance as my brother in law. He's tall so he
bends his knees too.

Keith Giles

Wow great workout. Thanks ya'll and God bless ya'll.

bushra boshe

Hi , I'm bushra .. thank you, I love you both❀✨✨ and you are makeing my exercise much more funny

MonBela Caz

Aaaaahhhh got me on this one!!! Great work out 😫😫 But I was wondering coach, Claudia if y all can advise me on some vids that will help me with my chest (breast) had a baby 6 months ago and yeah NEED good work outs for them, lol. Thanks so much for all you guys inspire.. Blessings!


Thanks hasfit/ coach these workouts are really helping me. I have a question how long did it take for you to get that body no homo? lol

Gloria G.

Great workout, I just finished it πŸ™‚

Ayush Lodwal

hi coach…I m overweight…and due to shin problem I am not able to run
can dis type of hiit cardio helps me reduce weight?

Deer Vegan

Going to do this in the morning. Great job with all the shorter work outs. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for another workout program when/if you're able to.


Looks bad ass. I'm gonna incorporate some of these movements into my program.

Neil M

Your Instagram link in the description is busted πŸ™‚


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