twenty Moment Ab Work out For Women of all ages & Gentlemen At House Exercises No Tools – Donnie Exercise

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Vimbai Mukusha

you should watch the new version of beauty and the beast.😃


Her form is TERRIBLE! Quit worrying about what movies people have seen and instead, tell people how to do these moves correctly. Or better yet, do the moves correctly so people can learn from watching you. Please do not do what this woman is doing. Go to a reputable channel and learn to do these moves correctly. Proper form prevents injuries!

Curt Byron

Great work out centering on the abs. Im a documentary film guy. Anything that surrounds the truth of Jesus Christ of history, present and future. YouTube "From Crete to Malta" series. This guy nails the truth behind the Jesuits and whats happening today. Also any of Sid Roth its Supernatural shows. Be blessed and have a great life in Christ.


Too many moves to remember. Number & flow of the moves should be low & logical in order to remember where & when there is mo access to the video such as gym.

Serena Sonnenberg

On the planks and the exercise that comes directly after them, is it normal for there to be painful pressure on the wrists?

Mary Nicoletti

Hello Donnie, I absolutely love this work out.  I am going to try and do it every day.  The music is very inspiring and helps to really keep momentum.  Who is it? I love the side plank.  I have a bad back and the beginners version is much better for me.  Have a great day and keep it up. Good job!!!


Does Donnie have twitter and instagram account?

Yousef Attia

Great workout Donnie i love your workout routine , even i workout 2 years ago, but your workout Technics still amazing,hope to you more Success , Keep going , your fan from Egypt.

Jenovax Lilith

This may be the most intense video I have done from this channel yet. Thanks!

Magalie Bravo

my abs are in such bad shape that i wasn't able to fully perform many of the workouts. if i keep it up every day, will i get better?


Day two of Abs last night and this workout waaass basically the death of me lol.

Aga Lipinska

One of the worst exercises routine I have ever seen, most of the exercises done incorrectly!

Gabrielle Graves

I've taken a LOT of pilates classes, and I was super distracted by both the poor form AND the poor commentary! All those planks you were doing were essentially without effect because you weren't tucking/sucking in enough! Also the bicycles… my pilates instructor would've FLIPPED if she saw me wiggling my arms like that in class! Additionally, I would rather you say nothing than give awkward attempts at movie reviews. In general this video was very unprofessional. Won't be watching any more "Psyche Truth" videos 🙁


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