Upper body Exercise session At Dwelling For Guys (Establish Mass With out Tools)

Hey, skinny person… This is how to obtain bodyweight rapidly: This upper body exercise routine at house for males is heading to assist you blast …




Nikunj Viradiya

How much period it would take to built perfect chest ? (i.e workout to be done to get chest like yours without gym)

Youssef Zeitoon

Can someone please explain what he means by "increase nuclei in the chest"? From what I pulled out, I believe he means simply increase tissue regeneration, but correct me if I'm wrong and there's more science behind that. Thanks!


So do we do this just for one day a week and how many sets and reps for the exercises in this video?

Iago Mota

Hey, can you please give me a tip? i'm 1.85m tall, 19 years old and i weight 45kg. I can get weight really fast but it gets away faster than it comes. I got like 6+ kg in a month once and i wasn't even sleeping or eating correctly, i was just a candy eating machine.
One week ago i was 52kg but i'm now 45kg, and i know my main problem is that i'm not sleeping properly which is something that i'm already fixing, probably in 3 days i'll be already sleeping correctly but there's this problem: i don't eat eggs, fish or vegetables. I normally just eat rice, beans and sometimes meat because we don't have meat everyday. Are there any accessible ways to get a little stronger without having to buy all that shakes you guys buy? I'm from Brazil.


I've never heard someone make so much noise doing push ups


Hello sir i m from india i m 23 and my wieght is 105 lbs. Sir plz suggest a protien for me that should available in india and do i take protein without going to gym sir plz help me i am very skinny

Ramneek Chahal

Hey Troy nice video. Hey, what's the best protein and creatine powder you've used? With high protein, and smaller scoops…

Victory .Studios

I just saw the email. I cant wait for the free upgrade for the program!

QC Davis

great video ! my son is a backup qb in college. 6'3 @180 very low body fat solid muscle but no definition and no weight gain from Masterson eat plan. The college trainers have the boys eat skinless chicken breasts with pancakes, peanut butter. Still no weight gain! tried 5000 calorie per day no gain! Any advise !


Great video and it came at the perfect time for me. Thanks


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